Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This?  Is Xander.

Xander is a bear wearing a Superman costume.  It was given to M by a student several years ago for being awesome.  He's lived on a shelf in our room since we moved in in 2007, and on the same shelf in our room for a few years in our previous apartment.

Last night, M did some work on said shelf, and A finally noticed this Superman bear.  He asked M if he could have it.  The answer was no.

Today, we were doing stuff while M was tutoring, and A asked if he could play with "that Superman bear" while Daddy wasn't home.  I said no, because we don't play with other people's things unless they say we can.  Well, M came home and said A could play with it any time he wants.

Sooo, Xander came to dinner.  He ate all his dinner, and drank all his water too.  He is currently sleeping with A.

Think M will ever get Xander back?