Wednesday, October 3, 2007

2 month appointment!

A is now 24-1/4" tall, and weighs 12lbs 6 oz!!!! He's such a big boy and is right on track.

He had some shots today--DTaP and Comex (I'm not remembering what she said well, and I don't know where I put the folder with the schedule of shots). He cried...wailed, actually, but that was also partially due to our long wait to see the doctor--he was overdue for a feeding! He now has a Tweety Bird Band-aid on each leg. Jen would be so proud!

A's fussiness continues... the doctor says it's colic, but.... well, everything I've read about colic says that it's defined as crying nonstop basically (and they give a certain amount of hours for so many days a week), and he doesn't do that. He's just uncomfortable and gassy. Ehh, either way, it'll go away eventually to be sure.

We have a date for Baptism... now we just have to ask his Godparents if they'll do it and find him an outfit. Sadly, he is too big to fit in either mine or my mother's gowns (is that grammatically correct? I think so, but it seems weird...).

A is making more and more friends, as am I. It gets us out of the house and doing stuff besides looking at the four walls of the house... and I feel less obligated to clean every single day. We've been to the Jackson Outlets, the Point Pleasant Boardwalk, and malls all across Central NJ.