Friday, October 19, 2007


I cannot believe how time has flew. My boy is almost 3 months old!! I'm supposed to go back to work in a few short months! Christmas is right around the corner!!


So, after the initial "He slept ALL night!," A is back to his schedule. We have, however, changed his bedtime to an earlier time, after noticing he was very fussy and hungry around 8:30. It was just easier to feed him and put him to bed then rather than waiting another hour. At first, he was waking at 1:30, which was sort of strange but made sense because that was the 5 hour after bedtime mark, but now he's back to waking around 3-3:30.

He's getting fantastic head control. He can pick it up and hold it up for a while when he's laying on his tummy. Here's a picture of him in his Bumbo, which doesn't have head support:
This device is great, because it's helping him build trunk strength plus his head isn't against anything...hopefully this will help combat his bald/flat spot.

I'm starting to get my booty (literally) back into shape. I go to the gym on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday for an abs course, and the booty is a big part of the routine. The Bosu ball is my new best friend. I'm starting to see the outside of the ole six pack coming back. Yeehaw! The skin on the tummy is still pretty jiggly, but underneath is starting to be really hard again. I'm hoping that as the skin becomes firm again, the stretch marks will go away too, but who knows.

A seems to have discovered the TV this week, and will look at the screen in fascination. I got him a rattle because all his toys were too thick for him to hold. This one is great because it has a stuffed lion on top in addition to various textures. He seems to like holding it and shaking it, although I'm not sure if he realizes he's the one making all the noise yet.

I had him on his side in his crib this afternoon, and he rolled onto his back. I'm not sure if that's something significant or not, but based on his eating pattern yesterday, I think he might be going through a growth spurt.

So, we keep chugging away.