Sunday, April 20, 2008

A night with Grandpa

Grandpa was nervous about a night alone with A. Not only does A fuss a lot (or kvetch, as Grandpa says) with Grandpa, but Grandpa also hasn't been around a whole lot of munchkins.

But all seems to have gone well! We put A down for a nap not long before we left, but after Grandpa got here. He slept for about an hour and then apparently wanted to do nothing but eat. This is not a good sign for the future, if my son can only comfort himself with food, but I digress. So after a mess of Cheerios, a bottle, and a wagon wheel I think Grandpa texted M, who had forgotten to mention THE MIGHTY CHAPSTICK! He put A to sleep around 7:15--and to my delight, he slept until nearly 7am!

Grandpa was surprised that A doesn't like to have his clothes taken off or put on, and I think he thought it was kind of funny how A throws a temper tantrum of sorts during changes. He also observed that A loves to cuddle, esp when the cuddler is standing up--not happy when the cuddler sits down.

So I don't know if I've ever mentioned THE MIGHTY CHAPSTICK! A loves to hold things in his hand... for diaper changes, we give him a comb, a paci, anything to hold on to, and it makes him much happier. Somewhere along the way, M gave A his chapstick (we are both the kind of people who always have one in a pocket SOMEWHERE) and that first time, he held onto it for hours. In and out of the carseat, down for a nap, he just didn't let go. It's hilarious, and it works.


Linda K said...

just read your blog -- love it!

last night was fun, too.

see u again real soon...