Friday, April 18, 2008

A post got eaten

Ah well, I'll try to recreate it.

A has figured out how to sit up by himself and loves to do it. I often find him sitting up in his crib; luckily we decided to drop the crib mattress a few months ago in preparation.

We've been going outside a lot for yardwork (yay). I plop him down in the grass, and he cries and yells at me for awhile, and then he starts to like it. As long as he can see me, he's happy as a clam. M took some pictures of us out there a few days ago...

A is at the point now where he needs to be entertained during diaper changes. We usually give him a comb to hold (holding something keeps him a little bit happier during them), but the past few days I've given him a pacifier. Now, he doesn't take pacis anymore, doesn't really want them, but apparently they feel good when one is teething because he takes the paci and puts it in his mouth (upside down) and sort of bites on it.

The other day, M and A were walking around the property, as they often do, when I heard Mitten calling out. Then I heard A answer her... it was too funny to hear them "talking" to each other through the window--especially since she doesn't really talk to him when they are in the same room!

We are progressing with finger foods. In addition to Cheerios, Puffs, and Wagon Wheels, A has tried chunks of pineapple, halves of crinkle cut carrots, sweet potato, avocado, and banana. It's sometimes tough for him when the food is slippery, but he manages. So far, only the sweet potato made a gigantic mess.

As we approach the 9 month mark, what can A do? (I was looking at my own baby book's milestones--a lot of these aren't in A's!)

  • sits well
  • can get himself into sitting position from his tummy
  • passes things between his hands
  • waves hi
  • self feeds
  • gets distressed when Mommy leaves the room
  • HUGE amount of stranger anxiety--esp if he CAN see Mommy
  • Loves the outdoors and the cats
  • sounds include ba, da, ah-dah, k (we think this is for kitty or cat)
  • gets very excited at the sight of the Cheerios box
  • Army crawl