Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This morning.

A started to wake up around 9 this morning, so I went in and got him changed and brought him down for some breakfast. I could tell he was still sleepy since he looked JUST like M as I changed him (this is a sure sign since he gets M's droopy eyes when he's sleepy), but I brought him downstairs anyway.

After feeding him, he could barely keep his eyes open, so I put him back to sleep. I got no complaints whatsoever.

As an aside, I planned to go to the grocery store after feeding A, so after dressing him, I went into my room to put on my shoes. I put A on the bed, next to Mitten and the bottle of water from his room. Next thing I knew, he was holding the bottle and trying to drink from it. It's funny because, although he is great at holding such a large item, he's not great about tilting it to get the liquid out. Poor Mitten has NEVER had A sit next to her and not try to pet her!

Speaking of that water bottle--giving A water in the middle of the night is what has gotten him to sleep through the night. I constantly have a glass of water at my bedside these days. One night, I had downed the entire pint by A's first waking around 3. I went downstairs to refill my glass and to get him a bottle of water--just to see what would happen. Sure enough, he drank it down and went right back to sleep. The joys of baseboard heating--our house is SO dry.