Saturday, October 25, 2008


A few things have happened in the past week...

First, both of A's top teeth have popped through, making his grand total FOUR teeth. Woohoo!

Next, A has learned the parts of the face. It all started when he started pointing to my mouth during cuddle time. He loves to "honk" our noses, and I always say "nose" when he does it, but the other day, I asked him to point to Mama's nose, and he started honking it. I then asked where was Mama's eye, and he pointed to it, then where's Mama's mouth, and he got that too. It goes back and forth--sometimes he'll point to his own face when I say point to Mama's and sometimes he'll point to my eye when I say where's A's eye, but he at least knows what's what!

Next, A took a step yesterday! He took one step with Daddy, but he also took one step from my knee on the couch to Daddy's knee on the other couch. Progress (and trouble) is coming!


Erica said...

YAY!!! WOW that's a lot in one week. I'm beginning to think A could do math problems if he wanted to! Such a smart boy!! and you're right about the trouble!!