Sunday, October 19, 2008

What's that I see?

A has two teeth poking through! He is FINALLY get his top two teeth, and I can see and feel them both!


Today, we went to Picture People to try to take Halloween costume pictures. Once again, they made us wait FOREVER, so by the time it was our appointment, he was a royal cranky pants. He was actually standing for a good 20-30 seconds unassisted (because he was so intrigued by Best Bud, I believe), but the photographer was so busy setting up the scene that he missed it.

A does seem to love his costume, but he got SO warm in it, I think he'll have to Go Go Naked underneath. He was most definitely the talk of the PP studio, though. Like I said, he was in great form as we waited, largely because of Best Bud and the large number of kids around.


Erica said...

i have to say i really don't like the woodbridge one. we've had much better experiences at Lawrenceville and Bridgewater. The wait time is what kills us. OR they should give out buzzers like restaurants do so we can walk around and come back when our slot opens. that way the kids aren't going crazy on us. but anyway YAY FOR TEETH!!