Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Exorcist in our house

We have had a rough week here in the Feisty house. We're all still fighting off that cold, so we didn't know what the heck was going on on Wednesday when A came home from school SUPER DUPER hot. M took his armpit temp at 102. From the time I got home, all A would do was sit and groan. We gave him some food, and although he wasn't super interested, he ate. And then it all came back out, projectile.

We sent him to school on Thursday, because although he was still sorta out of it, he seemed to be doing better that morning. Still, he was very warm when he came home and super cuddly. I gave him a little bit of dinner, and we had to run out to the grocery store. A little bit of ick in the car seat, but not nearly as much. He also groaned the entire time in the grocery store, getting us lots of strange looks and only one little lady came up and asked what was wrong with the cutie pie.

Friday, he was again super warm, but I still took him to school. When he came home wearing different pants than the ones I sent him to school in, I discovered the cause of many of his problems. He apparently had a huge blowout, and when I came home he was a much better temperature, and we were finally able to get him laughing.

He still isn't great today. I gave him some prunes for breakfast because he was still pushing with no success. I also gave him some yogurt and oatmeal, which all came back up.

I never expected to be catching puke in my hands, but there it is.