Tuesday, September 30, 2008

14 months old

I can't believe it, but A is 14 months old today. For months, people have been asking if he's walking yet, but he isn't. He seems really content to crawl everywhere, but he really loves to stand up while holding onto things--anything really, legs, couches, refrigerators, but the sound of the dishwasher door still brings him... er, the crawling version of running.

"No" has become a big part of our life. He doesn't say no, but grunts it and shakes his head. We see this most often when it comes to food. He'll tolerate food on a spoon for a few bites, but much prefers food he can feed himself. He especially likes to take the food out of a container, rather than off his tray.

This morning, I asked if he wanted some milk, and I think he nodded his head yes. We are amazed at how much he clearly understands, although his vocabulary is so slight.

His Grammi blanket continues to be his favorite friend. If we are bringing it back to daycare, he HAS to hold it in his carseat, and screams at me when I move it to strap him in.

Yesterday, I picked him up from school and they were fingerpainting. It was cute, but it seemed that more kids had paint on their faces than on the poster. Hilarious... I wish I had had my camera. Speaking of which, they take pictures frequently of the kids. The school's director told me a story of a picture--they were watching A and saw him rub his eyes, but he was continuing to play. They checked when his last nap was, and he was due. The next thing she knew, he was asleep with his head in a cubby. She snapped the picture, and it's too funny. He IS back to sleeping in his crib, but now that he's getting over his cold, he's back to one nap a day.


Anonymous said...

Wonder where A gets his strong personality from???G

Erica said...

ok really. i NEED to see that picture!!! A is such a sweetie. Can't wait to see you guys on friday!