Monday, September 1, 2008

The zoo

Our Saturday plans changed unexpectedly, and we still wanted something to do. M said, "Let's go far away!" And I suggested Philly. But one of our typical visiting spots there (Dave and Busters) doesn't really seem like something A would enjoy. So tossing around ideas, one of us said "the zoo.' Rather than drive all the way to Philly, we instead went to Turtleback Zoo in West Orange. It was a good decision because he didn't last all that long before getting sleepy AND it was about half the price of the Philadelphia Zoo.

M was very surprised that with the love this kid has of dogs, he wasn't super interested in the gray wolf. It was kind of sitting in a log, so maybe he didn't see it. He was, however, very interested in the little boy checking out the wolf.

We were both very surprised that A was SO. EXCITED. to see the black bear. It wasn't even close, but he was bouncing in his seat and pointing.

He was also very interested as we walked through the bird aviary. They had parakeets all over the place, and they were beautiful. He was pointing at them and seemed to have a good time.

Pictures coming soon... pending work not taking it all out of me this week. :(


Linda said...

I just found your blog through Notwifezilla...Yay I can keep up with baby feisty now! :-)