Saturday, September 6, 2008

We survived, parts 1 & 2

We survived our first week of school/daycare! A took a long nap yesterday, but didn't take his afternoon nap at daycare (he did around the time I got home). I guess he's starting to transition to one nap.

We're taking a wait and see approach to the daycare situation. We're not quite sold yet, but want to give them a chance for the dust to settle. I'm not sure if our expectations are too high or what's going on. Of course, the other daycare I looked at is now on my commute every day. They don't provide food or milk, which was a major selling point for us where he is now, but school lunch there isn't the world's healthiest food. I want to try to get A eating as healthfully as possible for as long as possible.

We also survived the month of no health insurance. I wasn't too too worried about that one, but it was a niggling concern in the back of my mind. We were covered if anything happened because we could have just paid for COBRA after the fact, but it seemed so wasteful to pay $1400 for a month.

I went to sleep right after A did last night. I had a migraine coming, so I just laid down. I woke when M said he was going to bed and then slept until 4:30. So it's an early morning for me, but I still got a ton of sleep.

Overall, the week went pretty well. I'm struggling to adjust to the new school and their different ways of doing things. At least I'm not in the same boat, though, so I can talk to people going through (or who have gone through) the same transition. My students seem very enthusiastic, which is always a good sign. I just found out about an accommodation plan that I have no idea how to fulfill and I also have no idea how this student got into the school with such a plan. **SIGH**

I was offered an opportunity to pick up another course for the year. It would have been for Economics, which I've taught before and would have been a breeze, and would have been a great resume booster, because I would have been in the employ of the county college. However, at only $100 a week and on top of my already can't breathe I'm so busy schedule, I decided it just wasn't worth it.

Speaking of my schedule, for whatever reason, my old school kept us at a load of 5 classes in a two day rotation, plus two duties. When I moved up to 6 classes there, I was released for all of my duty obligations. In all the other schools on campus, however, teachers have 6 classes in a two day rotation plus two duties in that rotation (I have one on each day). It makes it hectic, because it means I have 83 minutes free plus 30 minutes for lunch. Granted, my duties for this semester will allow me to get some work done, but it's a lot to handle.

HOORAY for the weekend! I'll get some pictures of A up!


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