Thursday, September 18, 2008

Everyone knows I'm in over my head, over my head

I somehow expected to be better at the juggling act called working mother. I didn't expect perfection, but I also didn't expect the disaster of a house, desire to eat nothing but takeout, and early evening collapse on the couch. I also didn't expect A to go to bed at 6pm, leaving me with two very short hours home with him (and at least half an hour of that is spent making dinner... I have to somehow find more time on the weekends to prepare meals in advance).

This week at work just sucks butt for after school commitments. In addition to Back to School Night on Tuesday, we also have a new school bonding session on Friday evening AND Saturday morning. It sounded just fine to me over the summer, but now that I know what my weekends look like (and that we also have a baptism on Sunday), I'm just dreading that I have to be at work instead of doing any of the other gabillion things that need to happen over the weekend.

**SIGH** At least it can only get better.


Lauren said...

It WILL get better. It took me a long time to fall into a routine. You'll manage and get much better at juggling!

Anonymous said...

Spaghetti sauce, alfredo sauce, marsala sauce all freeze well. Try making a chili with ground turkey or chicken and rice instead of beans. Buy a rotisserie chicken and you can have it one night, make chicken pot pie (just use canned biscuits for the top) and then chicken soup to freeze for several other meals. You can always buy deli sliced turkey and a jar of turkey gravy for hot turkey sandwiches. It all just takes planning. Make a menu for a week or 2, grocery shop for menus and go from there. Relax. Rome wasn't built in a day. Take out food is expensive and high in salt and fat. Hugs M

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are right - it does get easier. Hang in there! Happy birthday too, by the way! Hope you had a great day! Love ya, Deb