Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The first full day of daycare went...okay. There was some misunderstanding about food, and he was given cheerios and milk for breakfast, it looks like he had oatmeal for lunch (until I called and then he got school lunch). M said that he only took a 10 minute nap and that he cried every time they tried to put him down, so they just let him sleep on the floor when he collapsed there (and slept for an hour). I laugh to think of it, but my poor baby! I know he'll get used to sleeping with all the other kids around.

I'm having a difficult time for so many reasons. Not only am I leaving my baby, but I am in such a weird place at work. I'm a new teacher but yet a veteran one; old to the district, but new to the school. I'm not just falling into it like I sort of expected. Further, the making friends issue I've been worried about is probably going to be even worse since I'll have to give up my shoot the bull sessions in order to spend my after work time with A.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could plan one bull session weekly and either M could pick up A, or you pick him up a little later. Hugs

Rachel AKA Pixie4199 said...

Hang in there, C. It will get easier :).

I'm sure you will be lunching with the other teacher moms of little adorable chubby cheeked babies before long. Who else are you going to have to talk about poop and sleep?!?!