Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A bright spot today!

Before I turn into the miserable complaining lady, let me tell you about my bright spots today.

First, I came in from lunch to discover a box of roses on my desk. I received them from my Godson and his family. So sweet and beyond thoughtful!

Next, students made me laugh multiple times today. I had forgotten how much I love working with sophomores (who, as an aside, are exactly half my age). They're still in that innocent zone of a freshman, but are much more savvy and have a element of maturity. I was also impressed by this group's desire to help. I've heard talk of it, but today saw it firsthand. My textbooks were delivered to another classroom, so I asked my class to help me move them. After doing that, I started organizing them by number and a small group of them just started helping, without being asked. They weren't too interested in reading aloud (and who would be, going over school policies that they already know?), but I had them chomping at the bit to help me/run errands/etc.

It was a draining day, as it always is on revised schedule days. My old school had us jumping in slowly, with shortened classes (they had 20 minute classes today) all week, but my new school has us diving in with full length classes starting tomorrow. This drain, in addition to my worry induced insomnia, had me napping on the couch when I got home.

But it was a good day. A did alright again. He was napping (on the floor, yet again) when M picked him up. He apparently couldn't get enough of his school lunch, which was cheese roll ups. I just discovered he also had corn for lunch.

M starts tomorrow. The roller coaster ride begins.