Thursday, April 14, 2011


Lately, I've been getting a visitor around 6:30 in the morning.  This visitor has elephant feet and comes carrying a blanket named Kiki (who happens to be a boy).  He's happy to snuggle, and will sometimes let me sleep a little longer.  He usually asks to drink some of my water.

With Daddy home this week for spring break, this little visitor has been appearing earlier and earlier.  Now that Daddy's here, he has to go in the MIDDLE (thus, climbing over me) rather than on the edge.  He's also much more fidgety.

I love this cuddle time.

On a related note, every day, he asks to stay in his pajamas a little while.  Every day the same, "Can I stay in my pajamas for a little while?"  We got a calendar for a whole bunch of fun activities this month at daycare, so when he asked that, I said, "You should ask Miss D for a pajama day."  He did, and they got one!  So proud of my little advocate, for sure Future Student Council President!


Lauren said...

Ryan does this too. LOVE IT!! :)