Saturday, April 16, 2011

Movin and a groovin

I've been worried about E's mobility for awhile.  By his first birthday, A had been crawling well for a long time.  E, however, is quite content to pull along in the army crawl.  He is hesitant to cruise, though he does it, and I'd never seen him go from his belly to sitting on his own.

I seriously started looking into some developmental checkpoints, when the very next HOUR practically, he started crawling with his belly lifted.  Later the same day, he decided to go to sitting on his own.

So, this week, the week before his first birthday, E has started to cruise, go from belly to sitting (though is still inconsistent), and crawl with  his chest and belly lifted (though he mostly prefers the army crawl).  He is a maniac about pulling up to standing on the furniture (favorites include our tv stand, the dishwasher, and his dresser), though he's not crazy about dropping back down and usually gets stuck.

I also suspect he's going to be getting his third and maybe his fourth tooth any day.  Thus, nights have been really tough around here.  Last night, we were up at least 5 times.  He's also been waking up at 6:30, again, and seems to be looking to give up that afternoon nap (please, no!!) though he's still incredibly tired and NEEDS something around 4.