Sunday, April 24, 2011


"They" say a baby will get his/her teeth following a similar pattern to his/her parents.  I think A didn't follow that at all, but we sort of thought E would follow a pattern similar to his brother.
Well, A got his first tooth on May 12 (about 10 months old), his second on May 29, though it came the whole way through later.  Tooth #3, well I have no idea about that one.  I thought I'd recorded the date here, but I can't find it, and I didn't record the date in his book.

E, on the other hand, got his first tooth earlier, though I'm not sure when (I did record that date in his book), and the second was soon after.  The third, however, has taken forever to come in!  His third tooth (top left) poked through on his birthday, April 20.  The fourth (top right) is right behind.

I have no idea how it feels to get your first teeth.  But it seems to me that having your teeth come out the FRONT of your gums instead of the bottom seems like it would be particularly painful, and that's how E's top teeth are coming in.  No wonder he's been so unhappy lately!