Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One year....

I cannot believe my little baby is one today.

The day was pretty uneventful; unfortunately, the weather was crummy for much of the day.  The weather did warm up, though, so we went to the park with A and hung out for a little while in the backyard.   We also took these great pictures here at home.

And had an impromptu bath.

Let me tell you about this little boy at 1.

He prefers to army crawl rather than real crawl.  Today, however, he demonstrated that he has realized regular crawling is faster and easier.

He loves pulling up to standing.  Favorite places to do it area at the tv cabinet and at Mommy's legs.

He loves music and dancing.

He hates going into the car, but babbles when the car is moving.

He mimics "Daddy," "A," and "Hello."

Everything is a telephone and gets held up to his ear.

His two favorite people are Mommy and A.  He squeals with delight when A comes home from school and the happiest part of his day is when A comes into his room in the morning.  Mommy, however, is his constant, his protector.  Mommy doesn't get the same reaction as A does, but I get the "I need you" kind of favorite.

He doesn't not really sign anymore, except for "more," which he claps his hands to sign.  He, however, understands the sign for Daddy, milk, water, cookie.

He can climb up the two steps from the family room to the kitchen.

He loves the cats, and cats of any kind. 

He LOVES food.  The few exceptions that come to mind are broccoli and something else that's a green veggie but is currently escaping me.

He's still waking once a night.  Naps are typically from 9-11 and 2-3:30, though these have been varying as he wakes at different times for the day (a 6:30 wake up has him napping at 8:30, but a 7:30 waking has him napping at 10:30).

We have finally figured out a system for him to stay at the gym nursery.  He has to stay in his stroller, facing away from the door, and have breakfast.  This allows me a full hour at the gym.


C. Wright said...

I love the pictures! What an awesome little man.