Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Our Easter was pretty low key today, despite being E's very first Easter (funny how, despite being a year apart, it was E's first Easter as well as the first Easter of my friend's son, born earlier this month... silly lunar holidays!).

The boys came down while I was getting a shower, and immediately started the egg hunt.  (Must remember to speak to the Easter Bunny about coming while we're at Church....)

I debated between taking the boys to Church and taking A to swimming; we've been struggling with him and his gym classes, so I didn't want to lose an opportunity.  I decided to go the Church route today.  I brought lots of toys, but really should have brought some snacks.  I wasn't thinking we'd need them because they'd eaten before we went, but A kept sneaking E's puffs.

They were really good, though I was feeling really antsy by the time it was over; we'd gotten up to go to the bathroom and get some fresh air (it was so hot and stuffy, with the unexpectedly gorgeous 70 degree day!), but Mass was still an hour and fifteen minutes by Communion time.

We then came home and changed.  E took his morning nap while the rest of us did some yardwork.  Wait a second, he didn't take his nap; I carried him around in the Ergo.  He started crashing around the same time I got tired of yardwork, so I took him up for his nap.  M went to get sandwiches for lunch, and we had a nice picnic out in the backyard in the beautiful sunshine.  E woke up right around the time we started eating, so we brought him out and gave him some lunch too.

Soon after, A took his nap, after which we left to go to Mom Mom's house.  We picked her up and went out to dinner in Bordentown.  I really wanted to take a picture of her and the boys, but because of the restaurant setting, that didn't work out, and we didn't take the boys out of the car to go into her house.  A must do for E's birthday party.

E shoveled food in his face from the moment we sat down.  This place has great bread, and he ate so much of it, he barely touched his actual dinner.  Note, I said barely... he ate a lot of bread, his fruit cup, and then some of his chicken and veggies.  You'd think he's starved.

So, we had a wonderful Easter day here.  Hope you did too!