Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Toofer #2

M said that A's second tooth pooped through on Sunday. That one was a long time comin'! It's the OTHER bottom center tooth.

Since A has been having a little bit of formula, his little body seems to be having a hard time adjusting to the iron content in it. Poor little guy was feverish and complainy on Sunday night and Monday morning, but it sounds like the prunes I advised him to send to Best Bud's mom did the trick.

Speaking of which, she said that A and Best Bud play side by side, but not with each other. They pass toys back and forth but otherwise don't interact. How funny!

Tonight is the Rocky Mountain trip. HOORAY! The forecast as of yesterday was still for thunderstorms tonight but hopefully they won't happen or won't affect our trip.

Finally, I'm really enjoying this experience. Not only will it make me a much better AP teacher, should I teach it again one day, but I also think it's making me a much better teacher on the whole. I'm noticing gaps in my curriculum for World history, and I'm also getting a much better sense of how to grade essays (ironically, something I was never taught in either of my teacher education programs.) Hopefully, this will help convince my administrators to let me attend again next year (although I will also have to argue the benefits of giving my exams a week early as well......