Friday, June 13, 2008

Eye strain

Wow, my eyes hurt... and it's only break one of the day! I just read a great essay from a student with terrible handwriting. Oh boy.

A had a good day yesterday... for the most part. He had a post breakfast "accident," which resulted in his getting a bath. After that, he was really good and it sounds as though he had a great time playing with the kids.

We "talked" on the phone last night before bed, and M said he was all smiles when he heard my voice. He didn't really babble as much as he did the other night.

So, things at home seem to be going well, and things here are good too. I can see the mountains from where I'm sitting and can do the same if I maneuver myself just right from my grading spot. I'm super excited to go to Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park next week!!

The food, not so great, but there's LOTS of it. I'm drinking a lot more coffee (and regular, too) because I can't seem to get my sleep schedule just right... I'm going to bed at 10 "here time" but still waking around 3:30.

Happy Friday the 13th!