Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Rocky Mountain National Park was incredible. It ended up being an hour long drive from the college to the park, but we had a great view on the way in. We started at the tree level and got some pictures--saw some birds and chipmunks (which were interested in food and came within inches), got back on the bus, and went up to the glacier area. The first stop wasn't that cool and I really didn't need my sweatshirt, but probably should have taken my windbreaker for the second stop! We had to climb through some snow (glad I wasn't one of the silly people wearing SANDALS) to get to a trail, which brought us to the top. I know I'm not in stellar shape, but was huffing and puffing due to the altitude. It was exhilarating, and I got some beautiful pictures. We then started to go home and were lucky to get another stop to watch the sun set behind the mountains. This is where I got some of my most beautiful shots of the day.

Today is my last day of grading, and I should be landing in NJ around 6 EST! WAHOO! I anticipate a frenzy today as we hurry to finish up!

On the A front, he has apparently taken a liking to one of Best Bud's stuffed animals, which he crawled around with all day yesterday, finally falling asleep on the floor with his head on it. Best Bud's mom sent me pictures on my cell phone and it was too darn cute. I miss my little guy (and my big guy too)!

Off to the frenzy of reform between Peter the Great and Catherine the Great. WOOOOOO