Sunday, June 15, 2008

Alley yoop

We have finished question 1!! Hooray! Tomorrow, we (my small group) begin grading question 2, which is about Russian history. Should be really interesting...

Today, A and M went to see Grandpa. His house has a step from the back room to the living room. Apparently, A was following a cat, and went down the step...face first. M said he didn't cry at all, or at least, not until he couldn't get back UP the step. So now the real babyproofing needs to begin! We also have a sunken family room, and hardwood floors in it. It's also an extra wide opening with brick on one side, both of which present challenges in finding a baby gate. I guess the hunt for that begins on Friday.


Anonymous said...

When we were there Wed., I was in the kitchen and A tried to follow me. He had his arms on the step and was trying to get a knee up. I told him no. He wimpered a bit and kept trying until I went over and distracted him.

You may need to get a gate that screws into the bricks and put up a temporary post.......I'm sure M will figure it out.