Thursday, June 12, 2008

While Momma's away...

A will play!

Here I am, blogging from Colorado State University. A got to play with Grammi, Grampy, and Olivia yesterday, and he did well. He laughed at Olivia...maybe we'll be able to convince Daddy to get a dog yet! His eating schedule seems like it was off, but he was in good spirits overall.

Today, Daddy got him up and took him to Best Bud's house. Hopefully it went well!

My flight was good, although long (and window seats on long flights aren't so much fun, although I had a great view!), and sleeping in an extra long bed wasn't as bad as I anticipated.


Anonymous said...

Try to enjoy the time away and relax. A will do OK and the smiles, hugs and kisses will be extra special when you return Thursday night.

Pixie4199 said...

Hope you are hanging in there!!!