Wednesday, June 29, 2011

14 months

Incredibly belated, here's E at 14 months.

He's a master crawler.  Super fast, he'll really get going when he looks down at the floor.  And then bang into something.
He can stand, if he's not paying attention. If he is, he'll grab onto the nearest table or drop to the floor.  He can walk along if holding one hand.
He continues to be super easy to laugh, and boy does this kid have a great laugh.
Still has 6 teeth.
Like his brother and parents, he's already gotten a few moles.
He seems to be going to one nap a day, and it's been a struggle.  For example, today, he woke at 6, napped in the car while we ran some errands, refused his morning nap, napped again in the car, and then took a 3 hour nap at 1 and went to bed at 6:45.  Yesterday, he napped about 2 hours in the morning, and then wouldn't take his afternoon nap until almost 4.
E still loves his food.  If he sees a banana, he screams for it.  In addition, he loves apples and peaches, and eats them straight, meaning he eats them right out of the fridge without being cut.
He has words for A and Daddy, and usually uses the word for Daddy for Mommy.
But Mommy is still his favorite.  I was away from him for several hours and wasn't putting him to bed for three days.  When I did see him, he would whine whine whine until I picked him up, and this continued for about a day after we came home.
He loves to stand.  In the tub, in his stroller, in a shopping cart, he'll stand up, usually facing wherever I am.  If I say, "E!  SIT!" he will, for a minute or two.
The struggle to get him to tolerate the nursery at the gym has been worth it; he not only doesn't cry but he plays and has a great time.  Today, I walked in and he was playing fine and then gave me a huge smile when he saw me.

I love this kid!


Lauren said...

OMG - he looks so... OLD! in that last pic!