Sunday, June 19, 2011


If you asked me what E's first word was or what words he says, I'd have to say he hasn't said a first word.  He doesn't say Dada or Mama, or even his brother's name in a way that anyone other than M and I could recognize.

But yet, he definitely has E-speak words for all of us... or at least for his Brother and Daddy.  They're usually said at top volume.  Additionally, his grunt for drink is distinguishable to his Mama, and he even grunts something I consider to be thank you.

Today, I left the three of them home while I ran an errand.  A went to the screen door to wave bye and E must have followed.  M said E was yelling out the door a combination of "Ma. Ma. Ma.  Dadooo!" for a good 20 minutes after I left.  Dadooo seems to be interchangeable Mama and Dada.

But he understands.  Like if we're in the grocery store and he stands up in the cart (despite being strapped in,) he will sit down when I say SIT!  Of course, he then gives that devilish laugh and stands back up, but at least he knows what he's SUPPOSED to be doing.