Saturday, June 11, 2011


Words are a big focus for us these days.  We say words over and over, and sounds too.  We point out letters to A, working on their sounds, and try to get E to make the sounds via repeating us or even better, naming things.

A has been working on reading.  He loves to ask us what signs say--today, he wanted to know what the Exit sign read.  Every morning, he asks what the chalkboard says, and now can sound at the name of his daycare.  But he shocked me the other day when he was looking at a coupon that said "1.00 off," and he said, "look, Mommy, One Hundred Off!"

Further, we were doing a floor puzzle last night,

and he recognized the word "fox," and sounded out "socks."  He can identify the following words:
1.  Yes
2.  Off
3.  His Name  (and he can write this one by himself)
4.  Fox
5.  His brother's name

E hasn't yet really talked, where we know he's using a word for a particular thing.  Like he says Da da da da all day long, but it doesn't necessarily mean Daddy.  But he's developing sounds for certain things. 
We THINK he has a Mama and a Dada.  He definitely has a sound for his brother, though it's more like an AH-AH, which doesn't duplicate at all in text.  We were working in a bathroom at our local Target on the first sound in his name, because the echo makes all things more fun.  I also think he has a sound for water/drink.  Food, however, is still a cry/scream, which is a shame since he wants food ALL THE TIME.