Sunday, June 12, 2011


With last week's unbelieveable heat, we've been getting some use out of our water table.  I decked E all out in his monkey bathing suit and matching rash guard (such an exciting purchase; my mom had given the shorts to E for Christmas, and I happened to find the matching rash guard months later this spring at the Gymbo outlet.  Woo!), lathered on the sunblock, and put him in his hat.  He was happy about all of it.  Except for the hat.

Nonetheless, he kept his hat on the entire half hour we were out there.

This isn't a great picture of Lovebug, as I called him once and  A has picked up on (also telling me that HE is Lovebug too), but I love the way the shutter captured that one drop of water.

This boy loves water so much, I really can't wait to get him to the splash area at Sesame Place, or even to take him to the Spraygrounds to play.

Hooray for summer!