Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This morning started much like any other day.  I was awoken by the sound of crying, rolled over holding my breath that it might stop.  Got up and dressed and went in to get Mr. E, after making a stop at Mr. A's room to give him some water (kiddo has a cough that just won't quit.  It's only bad at night, though, when he's waking up, so I'm not worried).

It went downhill, however, when we were brushing A's teeth.  A stands on a stepstool to brush his teeth, and E was hanging around, looking into the drawer next to the sink. 

He fell, and then started to cry.  Now, with an older brother, such things usually end quickly.  I comforted him, rubbing to spot on the back of his head that I thought he'd hit, and tried getting him to calm down.

Then A said, "look, it's red!"

Yeah.  Big puddle of blood.  Well, it's been 14 months since I scrubbed that floor really well.

With blood all over his mouth, I had a really hard time figuring out how to make it better/make it stop.  The blood seemed to be coming from his top two teeth, so that's where I focused.  I gave the kid a bottle of water, which seemed to calm him down a bunch.

After the dust had settled, I looked in his mouth again.  It looks like he cut himself, probably on the drawer, where the gum meets the lip on top.

So, despite any and all measures one may take to babyproof, her kids will still get banged up, fall down, get burned, and fall out of bed.