Saturday, May 31, 2008

10 month stats

Because A was so thin at his 9 month appointment, the doctor asked us to come back at 10 months to check in before she sent us for bloodwork.

He is 27.17 inches long (they measure in centimeters, which explains the strange decimal), 16.84 pounds (that's almost 2 pounds in a month!), and his head circumference is 17.71 inches.

Hooray, he's back on track! It looks like he is back on the growth charts as well.

AND, our old pediatrician's crappy office staff FINALLY (yes, it took them FOUR MONTHS) faxed over A's records.

10 month pictures coming soon; we tried to take them last night after bath, but all A wanted to do was suck on his bottle. I got some very cute pictures of him cuddling with the Tempurpedic bear, but no good 10 month pictures.