Monday, May 19, 2008

Growing up

Taking a page from Best Bud's Mom's blog...

With Baby Girl A coming along, we've passed on a lot of infant stuff. We sent away the two pack and plays (although we picked up another one! YAY free stuff!), the snap n go stroller, the bouncey seat, the exersaucer, the swing, and a bin full of clothing (since A's gender was a surprise, we had lots of gender neutral stuff).

In the hopes that A would once again play with the jumperoo, we held onto it. Alas, I tried to put him in it today, and as soon as tushie met seat, hysterics ensued. Hopefully Baby Girl A will play in it longer than our A did!

In addition, I've had to pack away a lot of clothing. Not only is the season change a cause for this, but also size is an issue! Although A still fits into his 6 month clothing with large head openings, he doesn't fit into most of it because of his noggin. Luckily, Baby Girl A will have no younger siblings, so we received all her big brother's clothes... for the most part,his stuff will work for us seasonally, so we should be pretty good AND not have to buy many clothes! Yippie!