Thursday, May 1, 2008

9 month stats.

Alex had a doctor's appointment yesterday for his nine month visit. I freaked out a little bit when the doctor said he would be back in only THREE months for his ONE YEAR visit. Oh my!

Anyway, Alex weighs only 15 pounds. He is 26 inches in length, so he has grown about 3 cm in three months, but he hasn't put on any weight at all. His head is 17.32 inches in circumference.

We have known that Alex was thin for some time. His ribs stick out. But when he fusses for food, I feed him. The doctor said that we should start giving him more solids and decrease his breast milk intake to just drinks (instead of food) because I'm probably not producing as much as he needs.

We also discussed with the doctor that A seems to associate his high chair with eating, so if he's in the chair, he wants to eat so we've stopped him because he eats to the point of throwing up. She said that as long as he is gaining weight, the throwing up doesn't matter so we should feed him until he starts to turn away.

At his dinner feeding last night, he ate a jar of beef, a big bowl of frozen peas, some pineapple chunks, and some cantaloupe...with a chaser of breast milk from a sippy. I suppose this is preparation for the teenage years.

I'm trying not to worry. I tell myself that he has always been a happy boy, and if he was hungry all the time, he would have been much more cranky. He is otherwise healthy and is growing.

In other news, the doctor commented that A is a bright boy, which we of course have known all along, but it's good to hear from an unbiased source!

The doctor postponed A's scheduled bloodwork for a month to see if he puts on more weight in that time.