Saturday, May 3, 2008

Week 40!

I just got an email that said "A in week 40." He's almost been out as long as he was in (I suppose even longer, since for two of those 41 weeks I wasn't even pregnant).

A tried yogurt this week and likes it very much. This morning, however, some of it came back up... muy yucky.

We have been feeding A a lot more. At each meal, he typically eats 8-10 oz of jarred food (either from the store or made by Mommy), along with some finger foods. He has also eaten a lot more finger foods--we've given him peas, corn, pieces of chicken, along with the foods he's had in the past--bananas, carrots, and others I can't remember. We gave him his first "Biter Biscuit" yesterday and, well, we got some great pictures (to be uploaded at another time). He had a blast, but needed a bath and a change of clothes afterward!