Monday, May 19, 2008

Clap, clap! Clap your hands!

A doesn't clap. Despite seeing Best Bud and Prom Date do it for quite some time now, he just wasn't interested.

Yesterday, he was playing with his Fisher Price stage thingy and (admittedly) my attention was elsewhere. All of the sudden, I heard A hitting something only to discover he was clapping! I only caught it for a second, but it was super cute. Ironically, he was doing it as the toy sang "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!"

He is all about waving these days. If M is driving and I turn around to look at A in the mirror, he waves at me. I think he's getting that he's supposed to wave back at people when they wave at him, but that's a slow process.

This morning, I could have sworn I heard A say something that sounded like "kitty cat" when we said good morning to Catcher. He is VERY aware of the cats. A long time ago, we discovered that Mitten comes when we whistle the Whoo Whoo song (click here) and now Catcher does too. I started whistling that this morning, and A started looking down at the floor to see where the cats were.

I've always done this shimmy thing toward A's face, which always brings a smile. I thought he was doing that in return, but M noticed he does it when he likes the music or when his food is very good. My boy is dancing!!!