Friday, July 25, 2008

Catch up

A few stories:

A has truly discovered giving the raspberry. If he hears us do it, he repeats it. Well, as I was bathing him the other night, he stood up in the tub and passed gas. He then looked at me and gave me raspberries. I thought it was the funniest thing.

Elmo has been discovered in this house. We don't put A in front of the television (although it is sometimes on when he's in the room) so he's never really met Elmo. He received a box of birthday gifts yesterday, and in it were two Elmo stuffed animals. When I showed them to him, his face lit up like nothing I've ever seen before. He loved them.

I continue to be "Daddy." I thought he was just saying it because he can say it so well, but now I realize that he's looking at me and saying DADDEE... and then even louder and with more force if I don't respond.


Pixie4199 said...

LMAO about the raspberries! My guys have giggled here and there when someone passes gas. I guess it becomes funny now and NEVER ENDS!

We have big Elmo fans here. They have seen the show (we were on vacation and one rainy day in our cooped up condo they discovered sesame). Even in the store I will show them an Elmo toy and they just LOVE HIM. I do too, he has grown on me. TMX Elmo is a SCREAM!!! He makes ME crack up!

Happy Saturday!!!