Sunday, July 20, 2008

Daddy's boy

Since I left in June, A has definitely gone from Mommy's boy to Daddy's. He now cries for Daddy and will even squirm from my arms to get to his. We came home from a wedding today and while I got really big smiles, Daddy got smiles, bouncing, and giggles. Alas, my time in the sun has ended.

We left A with Grandpa today so we could attend the wedding. He did ok--"kvetching" for two hours or so, having a great time chasing the cat, and eating a ton.

He is definitively "cruising" now as well. We put him behind his walking toy and he takes steps across the room and he has also started walking along the couch by holding on. Like with standing, he needs motivation to move along the couch--typically remote controls, telephones, or whatever strikes his fancy on the table between the two couches.

T minus 10 days...............................