Monday, July 28, 2008

First baseball game!

We went to A's first baseball game yesterday to see the Phillies play the Braves. In the middle of the second inning, we were faced with a TWO HOUR RAIN DELAY. We toughed it out, and A was absolutely fantastic the whole time. He didn't very much like when the rain hit him (but then again, it was cold and neither did I), but he made fast friends with everyone around us... always the mayor.

This was when we first arrived... notice the blue sky!

It hadn't yet started to rain, but look at the sky now. M and I turned our caps backward so they wouldn't blow away, and you can see the wind in A's hair.

Here's The Mayor during the rain delay.

And this is once the game started up again... my big boy standing at the chairs!


--sme said...

He looks like such a genuinely happy kiddo, and a treat to be around. Happy Birthday, A! We'll see you this weekend! :)