Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blowing kisses

This evening as A was getting ready for bed, we started going through the parts of the face. He LOVES to "honk" our noses, but he started off pointing at mine. I said, "that's Mama's nose," to which he replied by honking my nose. Then he pointed to his nose. I asked, "Where's A's nose?" and got nothing. I then asked, "Where's Mama's nose?" and he responded by honking my nose. It sounded as though he was trying to repeat me too. He then pointed at my eye, and then when we went through the routine, he again sounded like he was trying to repeat.

Then, after brushing his teeth (which, by the way, it looks like he's cutting his top two... but nothing's gonna break on through to the other side yet), I gave him his nightly kisses when he started blowing kisses. I'm not sure where he learned this, since we don't really do it with him (Despite hearing Mama lots and lots of times a day, no Mama's are said here STILL, but this he picks up), but it was pretty clear. He started giggling when I said, "Are you blowing kisses at me???"