Monday, February 9, 2009


A has another tooth! It poked through sometime yesterday and I felt it while brushing his teeth. It's to his left of center. So he has four in a row!

On Saturday morning, A woke up saying "Ew Ew Ew Ew." Then he went back to sleep. Since he got me sick and I was blowing my nose, this was a favorite word. He'd say it every time I blew my nose. Nice.

He is making a lot of random sounds these days. We have no idea what he's saying, but it SOUNDS like a sentence. It's kind of funny to hear "Be bah, moh mah, etc etc Mama!"

I continue to be amazed by how helpful A is to us. I was trying to clean something or other yesterday, and A kept helping--to the point of stealing the broom from me. M was doing some laundry, and A took the laundry basket and was carrying it around the house. So funny. He's so good at listening too. M loves to tell the story that I was cooking one day, and put a bin of flour at my feet. A picked it up and took it into the family room to show Daddy, who said "I don't need that, but Mama does. Please bring it back to Mama." Sure enough, A brought the bin back into the kitchen and put it at my feet. He does this kind of thing all the time. I know it surely won't last, but it's so cool that he UNDERSTANDS us and does what we ask now. It's amazing that although he can't necessarily communicate every thing he wants to us, he understands the random stuff that we ask.

It's a really fun game to ask A yes and no questions, because he'll nod his head. "A, are you going to see Ms Ashley at school?" Nods yes. "A, are you going to see Michael at school?" Nods yes. "A, are you going to see Grammi at school?" Nods yes. "Is Penelope going to be at school?" Shakes head no.

Within two days, he picked up his new teacher's name and will repeat it. So he can say Mabel, and clearly communicates Ashley (who apparently hangs out at our house) by saying Ashy.