Sunday, February 15, 2009

I have become THAT mother.

You know the one... she gives her kid a toy to entertain him at a store and then just buys it when he starts screaming rather than give it up.

That's me.

Well, not as bad as all that. After bath night the other day, and A wanted to take his Elmo book into the tub (and screamed when I wouldn't let him take the 1--cardboard, 2--music playing, book in the water), I decided to go get him a Bath Book. Impulse shopper that I am, I got drawn into the Valentine's Day table and let him take a look at the books there. They weren't much, I was looking for something new to add to our nightly read, so I planned to get him a book from the table. He fell in love with this small Elmo's Valentine book, and I even needed to bring two to the register--one to buy and one to scan.

The makers of this book are dumb. WHO thinks it's a good idea to put a little piece into a book that's made of paper? A book specifically for a toddler who will, at least lose, at most destroy this piece? Nonetheless, A loves his book and walks around with it all day!