Monday, February 16, 2009

Dear God, I have killed yet another of your creatures.

Spider season has started at casa S. (How's THAT for alliteration?) I am trying to live more eco friendly, but the amount of upkeep these buggers require in this Old House (surrounded by those Old Trees) has me thinking exterminator. I never used to get creeped out by bugs, but suddenly I just do.

Moreover, when we removed the window A/C from A's room this fall, we discovered these bugs. They remind me of dinosaurs, and they REALLY creep me out. I found them in the crevices of his window. I bring this up because we found at least one yesterday, again in his room (it was hanging out on Horton's nose (that's right at my eye level over the changing table)). Exceptionally curious people that we are, we went on an investigation of the internet ( resource) and determined it to be.....


A brown stink bug.

Eww. Go here if you really want to see this disgusting creature. Luckily, I found this on the Rutgers ag dept's webpage, and the Rutgers ag dept is literally right around the corner. Maybe we can help with some research or something cool.