Sunday, February 15, 2009


As a kid, I really disliked wearing overalls. I couldn't figure out how to work the straps. Despite this, I LOOOOVE putting my son in overalls. He is just too stinkin' cute for words in them, and well, it's really easy to dress him in them!

Words... they are coming a mile a minute. He now can say:
Beepa (Grandpa)
Byebye, car
I'm done (and he will hold out his plate when he says this too)
Mabel (his main teacher)
Ashley (Ashy, his old main teacher)
Book (more like Kuh, but we get it)
Blanket (again, we get it, although anyone else might not)

Pictures from recent weeks:

M got this hat when the Student Council went to Medieval Times. The Yellow Knight even signed it. At A's birthday party, my godson wanted a birthday hat, so I pulled this out for him. A discovered it in his toy bin, and wanted to wear it.

Giving Daddy hugs.

The previously mentioned 18 month photo shoot.

"Visiting" with his friends. He loves to pull down this picture and the family picture with Grampy, Grammi, and Mom Mom.

"Talking" on the phone with Daddy (who was on speakerphone). Notice the family picture?

Bad lighting, but a nice shot.

I don't remember what was going on here, but do you see the Pyrex bowl up to his lips?

London Bridge?

Listening to music with Daddy.

The Z's returned this awhile ago, and we haven't gotten around to putting away (hopefully another friend will use it!). A discovered a new seat for himself yesterday.

As always happens when Mommy Swiffers, A wanted to help. he was a GREAT helper too!

Loving Mitten this morning.


Freya said...

That is SO cute that A "visits" with H and L!! Now that Jolie is here, hopefully we can have a real visit and you can all meet her too!