Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Movin' on Up!

I know, I'm terribly delinquent at uploading those pictures. If, after I bring all the Christmas stuff out (in search of A's missing slipper) and get it all back again, I am still awake, I will take care of it tonight!

Anyway, A has moved up to the next room at daycare! WOO! I'm not really clear on the details, because they were all given to M, but apparently, they didn't get the number of kids A's age they anticipated. So it seems as though his most recent teacher in the toddler room has gone away (she was part time to start with) and the three kids in A's room have now been moved up to the next one. We are really happy because the three boys are now the youngest in the room so will be learning from older kids. In addition, they have a much more structured routine, including nap time AFTER lunch. This, I think, has been the hardest transition for A and for us because he MUST be exhausted by the time naptime comes plus we don't know what to do when he starts getting sleepy and cranky at 5pm... should we keep him up until bedtime? Should we put him to sleep (sacrificing our two hours a day with him)? Etc, etc. We've basically pushed his bedtime to 6:30, which is encroaching on 6 some days.

He now sleeps on a map on the floor as opposed to a crib. He also gets new foods, snacks, and... JUICE. I wasn't quite ready to introduce juice, but I guess it's too late now.

On another note, A's potty arrived yesterday. He was excited to see it, but then started pushing his truck along the seat and into the pot. Ew. When I asked, "Do you want to sit on the potty?" he enthusiastically nodded yes. So, we went through the whole taking off everything and sitting on it (snap crotch stuff will be no more as he moves into 2T stuff!), and he was happy for 2 seconds then wanted off.


Anonymous said...

No snap clothing? that's the reason you potty train in the summer and let him go bottomless! Hugs from 35 degrees in the Keys