Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bepah and stuff

A has developed some new words and things this weekend.
First, I showed him a toy cow and asked what it was. He correctly identified it (well, in A speak, which SOUNDED like cow.) I then asked what noise it makes, and he correctly said Moo! YAY, A!

He loves to say Bepah, and started yesterday when he saw a man. No, not a man who looked ANYTHING like Bepah, but a man. He was very excited when we told him today that Grandpa was coming to see him.

Anyway, it seems as though they did really well together today. It didn't sound like A cried at all, except when Grandpa tried to put him down for a nap. They played, he ate well, and Bepah even followed him up the stairs. Bepah mentioned that A told him what he wanted, which was a very good thing, but that he has a firm use of the word no. I was very surprised to hear this.

Back to the grind for A and me tomorrow. M is still off! He's a poopy head.