Saturday, February 23, 2008

CIO, Night 1

We've been doing the Ferber method for naps since A was four months old. At nighttime, however, I always assumed him to be hungry so I'd get up and feed him.

A few nights ago, he started a new trick of sleeping until 11 or 12, then waking every 2 hours after that.

So I decided we'd give the old Ferber method a try for night time. He slept until around 2:30, and we had to go to him a total of 8 times--after 10 minutes, 12, and then repeating at 15 minutes. He finally got himself back to sleep after a little more than an hour.

It became apparent exactly WHY he was waking all those times--he wanted some Mommy cuddling. When M went in for the checks, he cried (and loudly) but not nearly at the volume as when I went in.

A little nervous, I went in to check on him at 6:30, waking him as soon as I opened the door. Feeling guilty, I fed him. Other than that, though, he is sleeping as late as he normally does.