Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This week, we've had two playdates. We met some new mommies and babies through It was a really low key playdate at someone's home. The hostess has a son who is only 2 weeks younger than A--they seemed to be fascinated by each other. There was also a 10 month old and then some older kids. I'd really love to find a playgroup here in our town so that we can meet some moms and babies A will go to school with. Short of starting my own meetup group, there doesn't seem to be anything out there like that. Even the Moms Club international doesn't have a chapter in our town, but instead, our town is part of the Moms Club in another local town. Hopefully we'll meet some kids in the neighborhood once it gets warmer and everyone is out more.

We also had a playdate with Best Bud and Prom Date. Best Bud is really cruising! Unfortunately, A makes a sound that seemed to drive him crazy--he would start crying every time A "talked."

We haven't seen Prom Date in a few weeks, but she has gotten so much bigger! She's still a peanut compared to the boys, but she also can hold her own with them.