Friday, February 8, 2008


We did a trial class today at Gymboree, along with Best Bud and his mom. It was SO much fun, both for A and for me. It was great to see him socializing with other kids and the exercises we did brought lots of smiles to his little face.

All that said, the price of the class is exorbitant. If I was working, perhaps I could justify the class, on top of A's gym membership so he can take swimming. But I'm not, so I can't, and it would be a hard sell even if I was (to me, not to M!).

This is one reason I'm considering Moms Club International--their mission states that they want to keep their dues low because they know that the decision to be a stay at home mom requires a financial sacrifice. It's really hard to strike the balance between getting A socialized with other kids, trying new things, and meeting other moms, and not paying a zillion dollars to do so.