Tuesday, February 12, 2008


We've had a hectic day, and it's only noon!

The day started with my big boy waking up earlier than normal. Somehow he knows that it's Tuesday and he has to be well rested to enjoy swimming class so he wakes up early. **sigh** We got to class and he fussed from the moment we got in the pool. Not the entire time, but for most of it. We got out after 15 minutes, which was ok because we had an appointment to keep.

Despite the silence from the backseat for the car ride, A did not nap on the way to the doctor's office. Do you see a meltdown on the horizon?

We got to the doctor's office ten minutes before our appointment time. I don't know what time we got into the room, but it was close to 11. We didn't even see a doctor (it was catching up on shots since we switched practices), and still didn't get out of there until 11:45.

He had 2 shots and an oral thing (which he LOVED!) and his weight is the same as it was at our last appointment. They didn't measure him for height.

We go again when he is 9 months old!

I don't know why we buy toys; we should just buy a roll of crinkly paper from the doctor's office! Once again, I don't know why the sound isn't transferring. I hear it on my cell phone and I hear it when I play it on the computer, but I don't hear it on here. it's nothing exciting; just the crinklies.