Friday, February 22, 2008

There IS a food he doesn't like.

Inspired by Best Bud's mom (who makes her own baby food) and overwhelmed by the large amount of sliced mango we bought for ourselves at Costco, I figured I'd give "making it" a try while depleting our supply of mango.

I read that it could be mashed with a fork, but that didn't work for me so I popped it in the food processor and then put in old tubs.

I warmed it up this morning and A made the WORST face when I gave it to him. Thinking it was just new, I gave him some more. Next thing I knew, it was all coming back at me. Yuck. I then tried mixing it with some jarred bananas; maybe it was too tart for him. That came back too.

Oh well; I guess we'll try again tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Try it with pears. Hayden loves the Earth's Best pears/mango combo. It's worth a shot!